Monday, December 21, 2020

Tax return records

As you know, from Boxing Day we will all be moving into Tier 4 of the Covid restrictions regime. This means that we will have to completely close our office once again and operate entirely from our various homes. This is not a massive change for most of our staff although we have relied on occasional office access to stock up on stationery, swap around client files, and collect/return client paper records. Any such access will be severely curtailed in at least the early part of January and this will make the completion of tax returns especially challenging.

Gathering the information from clients for the returns will be the biggest problem. If you can provide details in an electronic form that would be ideal. If you have records on paper then you may be able to scan or photograph the important stuff and send it attached to an email. If you can only provide the information on paper then it will have to be posted or delivered directly to one of us (hopefully someone will live in the same council area). Should you be in any doubt please give us a call and we'll try to find a practical solution.

We will be stopping work as usual over the festive period from Wednesday 23rd at lunchtime until Monday 4th January.

Monday, December 14, 2020

HMRC scam calls

It appears that we have once again reached the season of scam tax calls to all men (and women). We have received reports from clients of some very aggressive phone calls purporting to come from the Inland Revenue demanding overdue tax. These calls are bogus! HMRC do not phone and ask for money, even when they are as cash strapped as they are at the moment.

If you receive one of these calls do not provide any bank or other personal details at all and don't try to pay them any money. If you are in any doubt contact our office and we will check whether you are due anything and when and how to make any the appropriate payment.

Merry Christmas.