Monday, January 3, 2022

Covid 19 Support

Late in 2021 both the UK and Scottish governments announced additional support for certain business sectors to counteract the impact of the latest coronavirus restrictions. Full details of much of the support has yet to be clarified but should be available mainly to businesses in the hospitality related sectors. Many small businesses will also, once again, be able to take advantage of the SSP refunds available during much of last year.

Budget 2022

In many areas of taxation it was very much "as you were" after the Budget announcements. In UK terms there were no changes to any of the main tax rates or allowances although in Scotland starter and basic rate bands are due to increase in line with inflation. The changes to national insurance and dividend taxes to fund the social care levy had already been announced and these will result in the a substantial tax increase over the coming year. On the positive side, the Annual Investment Allowance which should have been reduced to £250,000 from 1 January 2022 has been maintained at its current level of £1m until at least 31 March 2023.