Friday, September 18, 2020

Statutory Sick Pay & Covid-19

There has been a minor change to the rules for recovering SSP where someone is having to self-isolate. It is now possible to reclaim SSP where an employee has been notified by the NHS to self-isolate before surgery.

The current position is therefore that an employer can reclaim SSP for up to 2 weeks starting from the first qualifying day of sickness if an employee is unable to work because they:-

  • have coronavirus symptoms
  • are self-isolating because someone they live with has symptoms
  • are self-isolating because they've been notified by the NHS or public health bodies that they've come into contact with someone with coronavirus
  • are shielding and have a letter from the NHS or a GP telling them to stay at home for at least 12 weeks
  • have been notified by the NHS to self-isolate before surgery for up to 14 days.
More than one claim can be made for an employee but you cannot claim for more than 2 weeks in total.